When it is not your door!

If it does not open.. it means, it is not your door.

Keep searching for that door until you find it. Rememeber, that door will take much more time until you get. So, be “patient”.

Some readers asking why i am always including “patient” word in every posts in the last few days.

The answer is; “patient” is the most important component in our life. So we have to keep it in mind like earrings sticked in our ears.

Therefore, I saw a lot people are near to reach their goal, but they do not know that they are about to reach the final point and get won, finally, they gave up.

Oh Do not forget!

“Patience is our success in our life”


8 thoughts on “When it is not your door!

  1. When I was a little girl and even young woman, my mother always told me “Patience is a virtue”. That used to bug me because I was always on the “go, go, go” and wanted everything to happen NOW. But I did have to learn patience as I aged. My illness particularly taught me patience.

    I do believe that opportunity and the things I want/need will eventually come. I’m slowly working towards them. I know the right door will open.

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    1. Patience is the key of success in our life, she is totally right patience is a virtue, knowing some people do not know how to handle things by patience, they need to get whatever they want in shot ” now” I guess, it sometimes does not work, as a result, they fail. Hence, I know how much patient you are, it seems that you arranging your life’s stages as per your plan, which it has been set by you since long time. As I am sure you have enough strength by surpassing obstacles, coz you already knew what does patience mean! Big thanks for sharing a real example at your end. Super amazing, updownflight!🙂

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  2. Great post Hussein!!
    We are lost without patience…melancholy and disappointment are harmful diseases …they always visit a person when he/she begins to lose patience !!

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