Mutual respect! 

Some people if you respect them, they will respect you. And some if you don’t respect them, they will not respect you.

What about those people, if you respect them, they will not respect you.


19 thoughts on “Mutual respect! 

  1. Forget about others! Respect yourself and other and be happy about it, the rests will fall in place by itself. Treating others respectfully, tells who you’re. Go high when they go low… as Michel Obama said 😊

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    1. Wow, This is truly amazing comment, we have to follow about what you have said, but I sometimes wonder of what they doing, weird ! Thanks for sharing your awesome a fantastic comment, it is uplifting, thanks Mriri for passing by🙂

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      1. Oh, i have not seen that😞, but i will check it out, i might not see that box where i can drop my comment, thanks for the information, Miri, i just wanted to let you know your posted photos in your blogs are absolute excellent!🙂

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  2. Peace be unto u Hussein!
    I meet this kind of people in my everyday life.Actually I feel sorry for them .I try to ignore them and avoid talking and dealing with them.I did that last month with two of my mates in college.The result was great.They stopped their bad behaviour .But I did not stop ignoring them.I am sure they do not deserve me to be near them.Who doesn’t appreciate shouldn’t be with them.never…..ever !
    They do not deserve to be with good and well brought up people.
    Best wishes Hussein!!

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    1. It is shocking, i absolutely guess that they deserve it 100% , if they don’t take your part as a kind of respect response as you deal them, and then what you did for them is wise. As for my side, I did for them what I mentioned to you now. Thank you so much for your elegant comment, Soheir!😀

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