Bomb of Depression! 

Don’t put yourself in a cage and locked it up!

Don’t be a prisoner for your thoughts.

If you suffer a lot of depression, don’t stay at home all the time, so here are some of steps that you may take into consideration, firstly, go out for a walk  on the sea side or in the Garden and check out the beauty of nature, while you visiting the sea, talk to it, as sea is a good listener will be for you, so sea can be a good place to take off heavy weights out of your shoulders and throw it away.

Secondly, try to drain your passive thoughts by talking to nature constantly, it will work to decrease from the sever of depression. Thirdly, I just wanted to add one more point which it is “screaming out” is also way to release the pressure. Fourthly, convince yourself, until when you will hold it, by this way,  it would eliminate from depression and melancholy which you acquired it from the past. So ask yourself, when will these thoughts expire?! and until when it will be valid?!  as for me, if I can make for negative thoughts expiry dates, I will create metal can and put all passive things in it, and write expiry date for only one day, and then, I will wait until it got expired. As a consequence, I will throw it away so far away, Try to discover the world, as world has a lot of amazing and great people, which they can heal you out from that cage.

Fifthly, travelling is a way to discover the world by going to another countries for having knowledge about how people live, familiarize yourself about their nature and traditions too, by travelling you will find a lot of nice people, they will let you forget the pain which you have.

Lastly, which it should be at the beginning, make yourself busy all the time, don’t give your mind a chance to go back for that negative thoughts. Do whatever as much as you can such as; reading books, reading newspapers, cooking, and any other you love to do!

In brief, holding depression all the time, will create a bomb, in addition, if you did not find methods to take it off from your mind, and release that pressure, the bomb would explode and destroy everything in your life undoubtedly.

Don’t make your hands handcuffed by depression, stress and anxiety. do something, act, and change, do the impossible to turn your life into the right direction.


19 thoughts on “Bomb of Depression! 

  1. Depression is sometimes so severe that you have a hard time even getting out of bed. I have major depressive disorder and there were weeks where the only thing that got me up was knowing that I had to take care of my pets. Animals have a wonderful way of helping raise spirits even when you think it is impossible. Your other suggestions are awesome, too.

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  2. Great comment, animals heal from anxiety too. Sometimes, i got so happy when i see cat or dogs, particularly dogs and goats, so awesome, lovely animals, thanks to share your comment, mainpaperpusher!🙂🌹


  3. Excellent point Hussein!
    Verily our thoughts could play as a rope tied around our neck, the more we go deeper in struggling with them the more they squeeze!
    Finding a solution to loose those ropes is what we should seek … If we think!

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    1. Very true, true12imam. So much better to make ourselves busy with other things, following other people’s faults will waste our time. Very excellent comment, it is such expressive and impressive, as I know. You always say wisdom, you hit the nail on the head. 🙂

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