How beautiful was the past?!!!

Oh how beautiful was the past!!

Moments of the past can’t be compensated by the modern times. Although technology has improved our life, but I will not talk about specifically, because we already knew the pros and cons of it. However, in the ancient time, there was no pollution as much as now. And There was neither heavy traffic, nor cars but only chariots were pulled by horses for shifting people from one place to another. In the past, people had never heard about global warming, but now environment has been harmed by Human activities. In the past, people were more productive, serious, and responsible about their cases. In the past, people’s income was coming from what they had harvested from the farm during the year. As This was the only source that they were depending on.

In the past, the relationship between wife and husband, families, and relatives in general was very strong. But now, we hear a lot struggles which it can weaken the relationship inside home, sometimes it leads to divorce, and children become victims by becoming homless.

Neither artificial nor chemical our food were made by, but only there were only natural food we eat, it had been picked up from the nature itself. In addition, Vegetable had its original relish, and taste, but now, artificial and chemical items were added to vegetables to grow fastly, until it has become with no taste while eating it, as we can’t enjoy what we are eating, when fruits and vegetables become tasteless, you feel like you are eating a piece of cloth, or piece of plastic. That’s why in the modern times, we feel that a number of diseases have been spreaded around the world, because we lost benefits of what we eat like vitamins. while in the past, people were very healthy and strong free of diseases due to the natural food that they were eating at that time. As ailments were rare to happen to someone. But now,  we hear such weird diseases which it was never mentioned in the past such as cancer, Alzheimer, tuberculosis, Aids, and other types of dangerous diseases.

Love-support,  peace-no stress, and tranquility were much worthy than now. And neighbours had their values and respect to each other.

Note; I have a lot of thoughts to add here, but my heart was bleeding while writing it, as a consequence, I stopped!


9 thoughts on “How beautiful was the past?!!!

    1. Definitely, nature heals us from a lot of passive things which it is around now, wish time can take us back to the past for enjoying ourselves, this hope can never ever happen, I am sure , thanks for your comment, appreciate it a lot , Subbashini! πŸ™‚

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  1. Nice thoughts. Now, in the past, at almost any time in the past, there were still struggles and drama and fighting and all that. So it wasn’t all easy breezy. But I definitely understand what you mean about not totally vibing into the technology feel. Sometimes I’m into it, but other times, I just wish we could live in a small town where everyone knows each other, and be out in nature with no such thing as technology. Nature rejuvenates us in these times for sure!

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    1. It is nice to know that you definitely know what i mean about living in the past, as I believe that not all struggles were solved easily, very true, but they are resilience toward handling the problem, thank you so much for passing by and commenting, it is really appreciated, Celrstialk!πŸ™‚

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  2. True…Here if I may add on the positive side Technology has helped us to travel 7000 miles in 15 hours, reach out to close one by one touch of a screen and talk to them over FaceTime.
    Yes, overusing the comfort like Microwave to warm processed food is leading to long lasting disease.
    We are still eating like a caveman and not working as much as our ancestors used to do. In general we have become more lazy than our ancestors.
    We are losing values specially family values.
    There is lot to blame!

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    1. Yeah, very true! Apart of laziness, there are a lot of diseases has been emerged, stress, phobias, and worries, due to the modern age which we live, thanks to share your comment, good expressions were used by you. Train today to reap tomorrow, I still like your name site on WordPress, so impressive, how did you come up with this Motto?!!πŸ‘

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