Don’t blame others! 

Make a thing from nothing.

Turn useless things to useful things.

Turn the bad to good.

Don’t complain too much about what don’t you have! As there are a lot of opportunities all over the world, if you reached the lowest point in your life , don’t blame others, all these things happened by your hand.

I hear a lot of individuals don’t have a job. I would tell you that there are many vacancies are being posted by different companies. But you don’t seek properly what suits you, seek in yourself, what you really want to be, what is the specific goal that you want to reach, If this thing does not happen, it means you are lazy, So the main thing is that you are lazy.

Believe me, opportunities are not restricted in your country only, you could travel and find your way, so that you can make something for your future, and family too. So search here and there, go here and there,  do everything, check out all ways.

If you want to strive for better positions in your life, you have to work hard.

At the end ,nothing will go for nothing.


19 thoughts on “Don’t blame others! 

  1. Hardwork and determination is the key. Usually, those who waste their precious time blaming people and the circumstances around, find it difficult reach the peak. They believe their country is the source of their problem. Whereas, we ourselves are maker of ourselves.
    Thanks for sharing this. I can no more resist visiting your blog everyday. thumbs up!

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    1. Your comment cheers me on, you are great, 👍that’s what I meant exactly, all the things are available but they could not find the right way to seek for the right path, as a consequence, they blame the country not themselves. Thanks straight from the heart for sharing awesome comment here, Dapo Obeme, your works on blogs are so fantastic too, I will set my eyes on it too😉🙂

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    1. Yeah , it’s absolutely right, choices are available but not taking it, it could be considered as weakness from our part, thanks for the time of reading my blog, and commenting, it’s always appreciated, Shayra! 🙂

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    1. Thanks you for your feedback, it is highly appreciated! Life is full of successful story, train today to reap tomorrow, very amazing motto you have, buddy! It is also motivated me a lot . 🙂

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  2. You always have sage words, Hussein Allam.

    I know that there will be plenty of opportunities for me in my own country when I’m ready (which I hope is very soon), but my husband would like to move back to Europe. I am a little scared of such a huge change in my life, but I’m sure there are plenty of opportunities for me there, too.

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    1. That’s the main thing, hope you get ready very soon. But sometimes no need to worry about change.anyhow if you moved to Europe, it could be new life there waiting for you, it could be full of happiness and blessings. So your turning point might begin there🙂

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      1. Perhaps it will. Time will tell. I’m sure that to a degree the move will be catapulted by something. Kind of like when you are waiting for the gun shot to trigger the running sprint.

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