Things come beautiful when we lost it! 

I just have this emotion wanted to share here!

I don’t know why people when good opportunities come to them, they reject it.

And then, If someone else seized that opportunity, as a consequence, they saw you succeed in the position, they would like to take it back from you.

In addition, A number of Enemies and jealous people will be increased around you.

If you really do want the opportunity so why have you rejected it since the beginning.

I don’t know why things come beautiful to people when they lost it?!!!


16 thoughts on “Things come beautiful when we lost it! 

    1. Oh really ! 😃
      I actually pass in this situation in some of organizations which I have worked in it, I encountered a lot of people like these types, that is why I am so taken for what I have written it and posted directly before I forgot it, you know I didn’t do proof reading though, good luck with your next blog posts😉, and thank you for stopping by, UnmaskedMe!


  1. When I was much younger I sought out good opportunities and was fortunate enough to get them. I don’t regret that. I prospered as a result. But after I got sick, I saw good opportunities that I started thinking were beyond my reach. I guess in those cases, it just wasn’t the time, but someday it will be. And when it is, I mustn’t delay or have too many second thoughts.

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    1. Of course agreed with you, if you don’t get opportunities now. it means, it is not the right time that you feel ready to handle it. As I also believe if you did not get opportunities now, and it does not mean that we failed, but many opportunities would come to you later, and the door of your future will be opened for you wildly. Once you are ready to handle, you will handle it professionally when it is the time. Thanks for sharing some of your experience toward opportunities cases, means a lot , updownflight🙂

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    1. True! They don’t believe they deserve good things, because they don’t have the confidence by facing everything, on other words, they don’t trust themselves that they have enough abilities to confront things. Thanks for your elegant comment, it is an absolute excellent points, it could be added head to the point, it is highly appreciated, Joss!🙂👍


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