Online news Vs. Newspaper

Nowadays, newspapers doesn’t have much demand in the market due to the technology development, as Internet network has been used by people worldwide. So I agree with this statement, therefore, I will discuss the reason as following;
Due to the technology development, we believe that magazines become less popular compared to the past. Because people prefer to use Internet for scanning news from each corner of the world. On the first, paging news on internet much easier and faster, we believe internet has different a huge number of websites that introduce news from everywhere in the world, For example, BBC news, CNN, the Guardian webs, as it has been provided by different languages.

Furthermore, in internet, we can see an immediate updated news on every minute. While in newspapers, you need to wait until the next day to receive this paper. On the second hand, online news is much cheaper than newspapers and clean to the environment. However, this way would support to deacrease from waste papers, which it could lead to global warming.

Knowing that online news provides icons so that you can comment and contradict the article at the same moment, and tell the reader or the writer about your opinion toward the concerned title which you chose to read from their online news.

In brief, online news outweigh newspapers on supporting the environment. As go green community encourage people to page news online to avoid global warming in the future. 

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