Logic theory

theory of the day…!

If it is not yours…Don’t take it.

If it is not true….Don’t say it.

If it is not right….Don’t do it.

What do you think about it?!


7 thoughts on “Logic theory

  1. Very true, there are some people find such difficulties, as they can’t follow the right, but they like doing what’s against right unfortunately. As for me, I don’t put myself in pressure, I always ignore them. We believe that there are many people take things which it does not belong to them,. And they say what’s not true, and do what’s not right. They miss the concept of self discipline. Thanks for your comment, Joss! 🙂

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    1. Very great ideas you shared it here,🙂 however, I can go deeply in this subject, but of course not by using poem’s styles , because I don’t see myself in poetry positions. Although poetry is something beautiful, but I don’t have a good taste on writing it, your comment means a lot , it is highly appreciated, xKickz! 🙂


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