Don’t hurt them, stop!

For what you do discrimination!
Whatever your skin color, race, sex, religion, rich, poor you are!

At the end. You will die, when you die, you will be buried in the same hole. As a result, You will not take anything with you except your deeds either bad or good.

Be sure to treat all people at the same level. No need for hate it is enough enough enough!

Well, we all know that Life was created to live in it in peace, don’t try to destroy it by your hands due to the mentality which you have. Life is so sweet. Hate is the side of evil. If you have this aspect you will see everything in life dark, dark like charcoal, even if you light the candle, it will not light for you the way to take you out of the darkness. You know why?! Because You have that kind of mentality.

Finally , Work for peace not against peace. Human are created from lump of flesh, blood, and emotions. Don’t hurt them!


11 thoughts on “Don’t hurt them, stop!

    1. Yeah, specifically for those who live abroad like expatriates who leave their country for work reasons. Unfortunately, we hear on daily news that there were a lot people, they were killed for the difference of color’s skin, language, and religion, however, until when this phenomenon will be eradicated and people get back to their mind?! Thank for your comment, Mrs. Gansu!

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    1. I am really so thankful for the nomination, it’s my pleasure to accept this recognition from you for the award awesome blogger. That’s really nice of you and you are too kind, 😊I will work on it, and publish it very soon, means a lot, Roda! 🙂

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