When is it time to give up hope?

Free The Truth

I had plans to go to bed early, but the next day found me again before I had a chance to sleep. I have been trying to process all the recent events, but it feels like more just keeps getting added to my plate before I have had enough time to digest my last bite.

The indigestion and anxiety had me all twisted up inside. Note to self, don’t read spicy emails right before bed.

I kid you not, I had this very thought: How great would it be if the word of the day was precipice? Then I could write one heck of a blog.

Well, be careful what you wish for. I opened up the reader list this morning and couldn’t believe what I saw. I doubt this will ever happen again.

Was I fated to write about this precipice I am teetering on? What if I’m not ready?

There are so many decisions…

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8 thoughts on “When is it time to give up hope?

    1. Thank you so much to leave a comment like this here, means a lot , hope you also never give up until you reach your goal destination. Good luck, Hello World Goodnight Universe! 🙂, Daodeqi is one of the most professional writer who writes things like this related to the reality of life, she is deep thinker and has deep insight about life elicited from her life experience. 🙂

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      1. You are most welcome Hussein I too wrote all of my content including the quotes and poems… I began writing over 45 yrs ago yet after the loss of my son began writing a lot more to try and use my words as reminders to self and to begin the healing process… My writing are about my life experience too… Have a wonderful day my friend 😊

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      2. I definitely know that you are writing your pieces from your heart, I believe that you are passing in certain difficult situations due to the death of your child, which it is very hard moment when a piece of your heart had left you. I am reading your blog from to time, it’s heart touching, hope you reach your goals as soon as possible, things take times to happen , just have the patience, as each moment could be new life. Keep going on, never stop, you are strong woman, it is not easy to make your hands up👍peace

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