Nice words are like water to turn down the fire! 

Are you losing some of your health when you are trying to say good word to people?!

If you have a good word, say it to your friends , you might release the pressure , and relieve them from the pain that they have.

But if you have a bad word, don’t say it, just keep it to yourself. It is enough for what they have.

I am going to say briefly, if you have nice words to comfort them why not, just say it and speak to them carefully . But if you don’t have it, so all things that you have to do, is just to keep quiet. And Listen to them, they might find you a good person who stand with them in hard times.

Be the water to turn down the fire, don’t be the gasoline to turn up the fire. Be the bandage for their injuries, don’t be the salt that it pours on their injuries to increase the severe of pain. Finally, Don’t be the knife to open the wound more than it is! 


18 thoughts on “Nice words are like water to turn down the fire! 

    1. It is my pleasure that I have you here in my latest post, thanks for reading my blog too, you know, Daodeqi! You have such an amazing blogs by the way, damn! I wish I have the way you think while writing. Your masterpieces are absolute impressive!🙂

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      1. Wow, thank you! You are always so kind.
        You have a keen insight with your writing. It is very impressive and speaks volumes about who you are.
        You should definitely just keep doing what you are doing, because it is great!

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      2. You took out the word out of my mouth, I feel the same the way you do, thank you much! I got lost between all words, don’t know how to thanks for all your encouragement words. What an elegant comment,❤️!

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  1. Definitely, hope, people can understand this, why should not we say good words?! As saying good words will not shorten from our age anything, isn’t it?! Thanks for stopping by writing your invaluable comment, truly appreciated, Mr Mel!🙂

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    1. Thanks for the nomination, means a lot, I kept a comment on your original link, check it out, please, I am so grateful for that , as I am wordless to show you my gratitude and respect towards this nomination! 😊


    1. That’s what I am saying, it is not that much works are needed to say good words, as good words and bad words will go out from the same place , why shouldn’t we say the good one ?! Thanks for agreeing, and thanks for stopping by, means a lot, xKicky! 🙂


    1. Thanks for passing by, Albertogayo.! Means a lot and thanks for the follow, as I return the follow back to your blog too, I am checking your blog actually, it seems like there are a lot important and nice topic that must read it. 🙂

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    1. Oh thank you so much, Mr Alberto! It is really nice words i have got from you, your opinion means a lot to me, this comment has made my day too, thanks for visiting and commenting,🙂!
      Byt, your sketch videos are so impressive and expressive, keep the great work up, waiting for further videos like that👍


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