Youngers are showing disrespect to elder people! 

In many countries today insufficient respect is shown to older people.What do you think may be the reasons for this?

What problems might this cause in society?

Recently, there are a lot of countries that older are being mistreated by mature and immature at the same time. As it should be there reasons when countries encounter like these situations.

There are severals points that this phenomenon has emerged. Firstly, patrents don’t teach values to their children at the beginning of their life. However, values are the most important thing that it needs to be taught to immatures by parents, as showing disrespect to elder people has become so popular in the modern times compared to the ancient times. Secondly, elder people has been forced to leave their country to work abroad due to the unemployment in the origin country. But we find that they are being mistreated too in the other countries by citizens because they are out of the country, and they keep silent because they don’t want to make a struggle afraid from losing the job. Lastly, youngers like imitating other people and this one comes from watching YouTube channels, so mature counted it as fun habits, for example,  look what they do, when friends are walking in the street, suddenly, they see an old man walking in the path, and when they are more than three friends, so one of the friend requests other friend to start recording a video via a smart phone. Hence, they begin to joke and laugh at him and do some funny things with him, and after they finish, they upload the video on YouTube channel, so others start watching it from other countries or by the community itself, as a result, they share this video to others on facebook, or any other social media.

However, this would affect on others individuals, so they take an advantage, as it might encourage them for doing the same thing. So upon these reason comes all in one track, if parents don’t teach their children to behave morally, this issue will be increased inevitably. So ethics are paramount in the society, families should take it into consideration to diminish from this passive behaviour. We believe that elder people suffer from these behaviours. We have to act seriously against this offensive attitude for return immature and mature into the correct path.

In brief, you don’t need to behave in that way, because it is useless attitude, as it is insufficient way. Do you like someone to treat your parents the same?! The answer is no, I know!

My message is “treat others the way you like to be treated” 


8 thoughts on “Youngers are showing disrespect to elder people! 

  1. I think your message is about more that ‘Treat others the way they would like to be treated’; because young people are ok making jokes and pulling pranks on each other.
    It’s about showing elders the respect that a younger person may not yet deserve.
    People say stuff like, “You have no idea what I have been through”. Our older generation has been through scores more than younger generations are ever likely to see. They fought to protect our rights, sacrificed to take care of us, and had to work harder than today’s generations. They deserve respect, yes, but they also deserve more respect than we would give ourselves. They earned it. (even though everyone deserves respect, our elders just deserve a higher level of it)
    It’s disgusting how they are prayed upon by conmen, care givers, and their own family.
    Great post

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    1. If you need to go in details, I think what you have said is right according to your views, that there are some sketch video were acted to reach its goal in the community, but be sure, not all the YouTube channels were acted like branks, if you go deeply through YouTube channel, you will find that there are are svideos, as it was uploaded by anonymous individuals , as you could not find the specific sources from where it came, and who published it. it means, it could be there an elder are exposed to offensive behaviours by others . However, what about immigrants who are living abroad for work reasons, they are being treated disrespectfully, so what is your opinion about it, is there any goal behind it?! Thanks for sharing your comment, it’s always appreciated. Daodeqi🙂

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      1. I wasn’t talking about the YouTube videos. I was talking about a general lack of respect for elders, no matter where they are or where they come from. Your YouTube example is only one such example of how they are disrespected.

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    1. Very good by taking serious procedure and make it as red line towards them, because they are basic elite in the community, they should be respected extremely. Unfortunately, saw a lot of youngers are neglecting those people for no reason! This is ridiculous to see such a silly people having fun with elders without their previous permission from them . Thanks for you comment, Garfield Hug 🤗! 👍

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