Sometimes, I pass in a very tough times when I need to decide to do something. I got a deep thinking goes into inner of myself. “Do or not” I keep talking to myself for a while even for days long  “Do or not”  I hesitate for doing it, but at the end, I took the decision and did it finally. I believe that hesitations are negative attitude, but it happens when we feel afraid from something hidden in the future, if we get achieved positive consequences, we will be so lucky and glad, in opposite, but if it could be there passive consequences, we would be sad, and we wish that we we had not taken that decision.

Suddenly, everything is changed from worse to better conditions, Knowing this decision related to my Job in Hallmark stores to be as store manager for one store in the middle East, when I have been promoted in the company, I got an increment of my salary. That’s was a very fantastic step which I have taken whole my life. Notifying you that I have been promoted from Supervisor into store manager.

However, they have provided me the promotion due to my passion towards my work. As I like my job, I usually hit the target completely during the month. Sometimes I made over profits more than the requested target in each month. I got successful stages while staying in the organisation. In addition, I got a complete support from management and I got other incentives too, which it was very amazing situations, I have encountered there.

In brief, be decision maker, and don’t hesitate, too much by no taking it. Do your efforts as much as you can, it could be your turning point started in your life, do not get sacred of doing it. Be reponsible about all the consequences either passive or positive. If you don’t take the chance, it can go to someone. Be sure, that we have only one chance in life, perhaps we don’t have another, why don’t you try?!

At least you try!


34 thoughts on “Hesitations! 

  1. Many many many many many many many many many many many many many congratulations my dear, I thought you were school teacher?

    Anyway, very happy from the heart and soul towards your promotion!

    Btw we don’t have this store at our end, if I am not wrong. Wish you more luck for future endeavours!

    Love you my dear habibi ❤

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      1. Yes they are saying the same thing, but a person should not lose his temper, who is giving you a favor. We all have high pressure and demanding targets to achieve. What I don’t like is ill planned things and than when you don’t have clue what is going on. You just make further mess, because you don’t know what is going on.

        Anyway, enough of rant, I can’t able to open my eyes. Going to sleep now! Talk to you later.

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      2. I see, that’s why you feel mess, I don’t like these situations, it is kind of confusion, and that’s all due to management weaknesses basically, they don’t have the ability to manage, peace Maalwm, have a good night, I understand your position! 🙂


    1. I am school teacher currently, narrated this short story related to my past, the previous field still liked it, maalem! Don’t mix up, 😂by the way, thank you for your nice comment, always appreciated!

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