The wind

If the wind did not go with you, go with the wind.

It helps you sort out a lot of problems!


25 thoughts on “The wind

  1. It depends on the context, if you say this with the context of adopting the cultural change, I prefer to go against it.

    However, if the context is with regard to growth and faith I prefer to be with the wind.

    Different meaning for the same

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      1. Actually decide together where to go and what to do. Part of the assignment she handles part is mine responsibility.

        So it’s not one person call. Since it will Ramadan before that. We tend to go a lot to Haram. So it’s tiredness that we have to see.

        Whether we will be able to enjoy the trip. Since after that I will be having 6 months closing. So again will be busy.

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      2. I believe in Ramadan everybody will get busy but in certain jobs, may Allah gives the patience and power to stand on your feet healthily during Ramadan! πŸ™‚


      3. Actually our organisation have a stupid rule, the whole depth can’t leave more than 30% at the same time.

        So since I am apply late. I don’t know how many have already applied.

        So even if he approves don’t know abt HR

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      4. Hope no one of your followers who work with you in the organisation is on your WordPress site, 😁in case if someone saw your comment, they will possibly report it to your direct manager or HR though 😁, no worries, just apply for the vacation and look for the consequences later, you might get it, colors of my life!


      5. Sure, I know , this word is originally Arabic word, I believe Pakistani letters are Arabic, that’s why Arabic language is easier for Pakistani to learn it smoothly, ana Fe maalum, maalem, Dont worry! 😁

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