The taste of happiness 

You wanna really look for happiness, help poor people, try to make a smile on their face. And then you are going to achieve the taste of happiness, which you never expected, Once you make them happy, you will become so happy too.

It is not only the money that makes them happy , but a little care from your side, it helps!

However, supporting could be in different concepts, such as; providing them a bottle of water could help. Or A Little of your excess food could help instead of throwing it, you may give it to them, there are a lot of people don’t have the food to survive. So you may arrange the excess food for them, and organizing the food by wrapping it well, and warm it, if it is cold, in addition, if you have old blanket or clothes, you can give it to them, because they don’t have anything to cover themselves from the harsh coldness at night. it is so much better than sending it away to landfill, where there are so many in need for it.

Finally, this process will support to decrease from waste, and save environment at the same moment, so others could take it as benefits.

Try it, you will not lose anything. Please, help from all your heart as much as you can!

“I wrote this blog not for collecting likes & comments, but wrote it, because I feel that we are short of efforts toward those people”

Little consideration might help!  


11 thoughts on “The taste of happiness 

    1. Wow, amazing and strong comment got here, if we think of that way, we could recognize that life goes like what you said, if we want. hopefully, the more you you help, the more people will help you, if you got in trouble in God’s willing , our Lord will not leave you to stuck in troubles, Almighty God will guide to you such people to help for eliminating from problems which you may encounter, as you care for helping others, as you give, you take! Thanks Amer for absolute excellent comment, liked it a lot!🙂


    1. I saw it already, regarding that i commented on , because it is worth! we have gotten similar to points , as we still cook in the same pot, thanks to share beautiful comment here, colors of my life!🙂


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