A poor child and the owner of a restaurant story

As good you do, as good you find!

Life stands on what we act!

This story is not from my imagination, but it is based on reality.

There is poor little child with no father”dead”, his mother suffer from severe pain in her body, as a consequence, that was unable to do anything. But the only that he can do, is going to a pharmacy in the town, when he found a pharmacy, he entered it. Knowing, this little child did not have the money to buy the concerned medicine to his mom. As a result , he has stolen the medicine from the shop, and ran away.

Unfortunately, he was caught by the pharmacist who was working in it at that time. When she saw him, she follw him quickly, and screamed out loud, “STEALER””STEALER””STEALER”.

However, one of the shops next to the pharmacy heared the pharmacist shouting. As he was the owner of a restaurant located beside the pharmacy. As a consequence, he stepped near to the child, asked him” why you need that medicine” the poor child answered” my mother is sick and I don’t have money for buying the treatment for her, that’s why I stole it”

Consequently, the owner of the restaurant took the money out of his pocket to pay the cost of that medicine. And he called one of his employees to prepare sandwiches for him and his mother too, and the child become so happy for that, as he thanked him for the favour and left the place directly.

Over a period, the restaurant’s owner got sick in a harsh disease. Hence, he must undergo for a surgery to eliminate from the ailment effects.

As a result, the hospital requested a huge money for doing operation. However, his daughter become shock and surprised about the amount of the money which the hospital has requested it from them.

So, his daughter was not able to do anything for covering medical treatment, except one thing, she got a thought to sell the restaurant for continuing up her father medications.

Suddenly, that child become younger, and passed around that restaurant, he found that restaurant closed for sale, there was a number sticked on the door of the restaurant, it was his daughter’s phone number. That young man contacted and asked her” why your restaurant is for sale” she told him the story, and he took the address of that hospital to visit her father, he asked the hospital management about the fees of doing the operation of her father. And he paid all the amount.

After that, the operation has done for her father, he father woke up from the surgery which it’s done for him, he asked his daughter” how she managed for paying the money”she told him” there is one guy who paid the whole amount”

Her father said” I need to see that guy who paid the amount” but when he entered the room the young guy, her father did not recognize him at the beggining, but that guy remind him about the situation which it had happened for him while stealing the medicine for mom.

Finally, he remembered him, as the owner of the restaurant was surprised of seeing him once again. He wondered about his reaction of that guy, and he told the young” why you have done this” the young replied ” it is time to pay back the favour” and the young said” no need to sell the restaurant, just keep it, don’t think to sell it again”

In brief , as you give, you take. our deeds in life either bad or good, go around , come around!

Focus Alway on good deeds in your life!


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