Do not be so quick to judge! 

I believe with this statement” Don’t judge a book from its cover”I can not believe that people nowadays judge other persons since they see them for the first time:
How many times we judge people quickly, and our predicts got failed and wrong toward a certain person ultimately.

However, it does not make sense that you judge and hate others when seeing them for the first time. You know, i will tell you something, have you ever known when you hate someone for no reason, it means that you do not have experience in life.

For the mentioned above, there are a number of people who judge others directly for being so bad before dealing with them though. But after that, they discover, they are so fantastic, and they know the absolute meaning of friendship.

As a result, you should not judge others from the gesture of people’s face, they could be the one who will stand right next to you in hard and tough times in the future. Someone who you might depend on in your life.

You would not belive me,if I said that one day, I judged someone that he is repulsive, and rude, at that time, i have not talked to him, because i depended on what i saw only in his face, his face looked pale and rough, no smile gets on his rounded face. As a result, I elicited that he is impolite person, helpless, less productive, all negative words around this.

However, with a short period of time, I dealt with him, i can not keep myself away of him, because he is one of my colleagues, as i have to report to him some documents about sales, so there must a kind of interaction between both us, we can not be isolated all the time whole day, as a consequence, i could not get a chance to run away of him, as i did not want to talk to him because i did not like him at that moment, but with short span of time, I found out that person is something different, something is unexpected happened, that this person became as opposite about what i have expected, he is so polite, cooperative, and generous, “he likes to me whatever he likes to him to happen”.

You know, he standed beside me in such harsh times. He became like one of our family member asking about each other from time to time. You could not imagine, we have become more than brother in all meanings, as we gave such mutual cooperation, which it has not been given by my close friends.

Finally, the message behind this share is, do not be so quick to judge others, have a patience, and act later as other people’s behaviours, and reactions. If they are positive, act positively, and if they are negative, behave as you are, and how you have been raised with good ethics. And try not share them anything personal about you. In other words, be ambiguous.


13 thoughts on “Do not be so quick to judge! 

  1. That’s such a good message, and so true. It is unfair to judge a person on first meeting. Or even second or third meeting, etc. Sometimes a person is having a bad day, is ill, is shy, is so many things that come across supposedly “wrong” to some people.

    I sometimes have anxiety and get intimidated by some people. It takes me a while to trust. And just the opposite, sometimes when my bipolar illness is active I can say and do things that turn people off.

    The idiomatic phrase “Start with a clean slate” is so important. You can start with a clean slate with anyone any day. As you saw with your colleague, things CAN change quickly.

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    1. This is good thing you do, actually judging people from what we hear from others, it is something unfair. As we have to believe on what we see in our naked eyes, and then we can judge! , your comment is strong and amazing too, thanks to share it and taking for reading the blog🙂


  2. Preconceived notions are bad for health, and common hatred because if we live, grow and stay in hatred and negativity, the person will have this judgement call in one direction only.

    So cleaning the heart is important to see it clearly.

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    1. Well points, that’s why we don’t have to listen to others about people, it is enough, as we have to judge others according for what we see, not for what we hear, shukran arbab to come via my blog and giving your opinion about it, means a lot, shukran street!🌹


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