Poor people are much generous, isn’t it?!

Mostly, I saw something strange in faces of rich people that while they are talking , I feel that they are speaking and their nose up.

Also , there is another point to be added, they have money but they don’t share some of their money to poor people, as they have but they don’t give, but when poor people have, they give, as they like sharing others with what they have.

I feel that poor people are so much generous and compassionate to others, if someone needs help, they will be in rush to help them, but rich……!

Is that something weird?!


25 thoughts on “Poor people are much generous, isn’t it?!

  1. I think when you’re poor it’s a very rough way to live. So they know what that feels like and are more willing to give for that reason. The rich people that don’t like to give may have forgotten what it was like to be poor or without OR fortunately they never had to experience being poor and doesn’t have sympathy for those that are lacking.

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    1. Exactly , they have never had experience it at all , so that they don’t feel the pain that poor people have, and they don’t know what is the pain though! That’s why poor people give whatever they have they give because they have tasted it before, they know the true meaning of pain. Thanks to share your amazing comment here, you are totally fantastic🙂

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    1. Definitely, yes! When you talk to them, you feel comfortable! Money is the second priority for them, they are full of love ! I can share you this little story, I saw one man has one plate of price, knowing that this rice was given by someone to him, you know what happened next , the same guy who was eating rice, saw one person similar to his condition, and call him to share with him the rice! How much generous, oh my God! But if one poor person wanted to share rice with rich, they kick him out, I am talking about specific people not in general, because there is still some rich people are generous too! Thanks to have here in my blog, Subbashini!🙂


  2. On my humble opinion, I think it depends on how that person was raised. I noticed rich people who born poor, share more than those who born rich. So, I guess the issue has more to do with how they were raised than the money itself. Poor people can be selfish as well. I believe we need to give back a little bit of what life gives us, but not everyone is willing to give their fair share.

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    1. Exactly, that’s the main point, it depends on how they grow up, it is also a point, it could be added poor people sometime get selfish against money when they need to share it, but we could not count them as selfish people , if they would have been much aware where to spend money, thank for your comment and taking time fit reading my blog, means a lot, the freedom of life!😉

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  3. My observation is, since the poor has put its own effort to earn it, he realise it’s hard to come by, so it will be hard for the other, or the similar circumstances, in which he was.

    On the other side, rich, others earn for them, rather they put their own sweat, very few went through this process. And those who went, share their wealth

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    1. I always appreciate your comment here , you actually impressed me with words , when they put much effort to gain it, they realise that it is hard to come by, however , when they need to spend, they would be much aware where to spend it, because they also know the true value of money, very good point, colors of my life!👍


      1. Zain and zein, it gives same meaning in Arabic, whatever written letters differ but it gives same spelling and pronunciation, however , it means “good”, hope you got it now 👌

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      2. Working hours in Muslim countries become less than usual, so fantastic Ramadan, when you do all your prayers at masjid , Making taraweih salat!


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