While dreaming

The most beautiful thing is , when you dream, and you see beautiful scenes while dreaming. . Suddenly when you woke up, you found out that you were dreaming only, at that moment you wish, you had not waken up from that deep sleep because everything beautiful was just a dream, and it vanished.


11 thoughts on “While dreaming

  1. I like the “beautiful” dreams too, but more often my dreams are either very strange, disconcerting, or downright scary. I sometimes wake up with my heart racing, or at least a sour taste in my mouth.

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    1. Dream differs from time to time, it does not mean, that we should always dream sweet dreams, but there might be a nightmare. Do not worry , palpitation is normal occurrence when we wake up suddenly, it happens. because your body did not take enough rest during day. As For sourness is also normal. , Hope you always nice and sweet dreams, updownflight!

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      1. Sadly, i got problem while sending you the proper browser, as i got a technical issue, i am going to provide with right browser maximum by tomorrow, i hope, i can resolve it by now, updownflight!

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      2. Hussein Allam, you are so nice nominating my blog. I so appreciate it. I am also happy that your blog was nominated. I enjoy your writing a lot, too.

        I’m sick, so might not get to the work of posting the award on my blog for a bit.


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