What is the secret behind this?! 

When a new company open recently, its services become so magnificent, but after it becomes so famous, the quality of its services become less.

In addition, even the taste at the first point is so delicious, but when they sell a lot of its items, and it becomes fast moving products in the market , the taste becomes so bad.

What is the secret behind this?!

I could not find an answer for this question!


31 thoughts on “What is the secret behind this?! 

    1. It is right, they are greedy, nothing more than that.! When they achieve the goals, they start going back. At the end, they will lose their reputation in the market. And people will the products off their products from buying it. At the beginning , they worked hard to gain such good reputation in the market, but in one shot, it will come down due to the carelessness of what they have done for it in different prospects! Thanks for sharing your comment here !,

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      1. Exactly , you use the same of this technique which you have used with (maasalama) as it means good bye , and this way , it helps you learn and enrich your Arabic vocabularies. By the way, if you need help with arabic, ready to help you anytime! And finally, kaif halak?! 😊


      2. Now that’s hard to comprehend. Let me try.

        Kaman means good?

        an Tamam means all okay?

        Befdel Allah means With the blessing of Allah?

        Yaani Mumtaz kheteer means I am overall good and excellent?

        Waa geda? This I didn’t understand!

        So tell me how many marks. I wish I can speak like this. I can understand the context if it’s that basic.

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      3. For example , i am going to say that “i am very good,, ” Translating to arabic , it means, ana bekheer geda or ana koweis kteer. So geda or kteer same meaning, but geda is more standard than kteer in arabic kteer little bit slang, and geda in formal speech is being used😊, hope you learnt something new now!

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      4. No worries, practice makes language easier. You find some difficulties at the beginning, but once it gets familiar to you. It will be more comfortable for you while using. Go to details on each single word, as it will increase your inputs with arabic language. Inputs will lead to outputs correctly in short span of time ! 😊

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      5. Yes, actually I observe, had you talk to me in person, I might didn’t able to catch the words.

        But by writing I was able to disect the words and respond accordingly. And I am glad and happy, I was right on my guessing. Seriously these words, most of them are new. But the context I was able to guess.

        Some I know for sure, like kateer, Maashe haal etc.

        But it was good feeling, JazakAllah khair habibi.

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      6. Hhhh, i got you very well from the first time , it was nice to chat with you here, same feeling i am so happy to in touch with you always, if you need any help, do not hesitate to ask me about, i will be around, however, i got you clearly, if i did mot understand, i would not be able to reply for your comments, as a result, i understand you clearly.

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      7. Yes I am a lot, my father at the time of death, he knows 14 local and international language,doing poetry in Persian and Arabic as well I believe all learning from various dictionary. He was old school. So no Internet like today.

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      8. Allah yerhamou, sorry to hear of your father’s death. MashAllah, he had known 14 languages, i can not imagine, how much smart he is?! No internet was available at his age for that much, i believe, he was keen and intelligent enough to function the 14th languages. Thats why you are also intelligent due to your father’s cleverness. It was so nice to share me some of your personal stories and experience, in other words, it means you have suffered a lot during your life journey. The hardest and bitterest things that you stay far away of your family. Hats off respecting to you. Finally, was your living ksa as well?!

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      9. Yes a lot I got from him, I remember him talking in so many languages to different people, he got a passion to learn. He loves to write and write.

        Language just need concentration, if you have heard about Pastoo language, a lot of jokes are made on it.

        It says you put a stone in a drum and just shoffle it, that’s pushtoo for you 😀

        Seriously, you have no idea what they are saying. One of my colleague happened to be an Afghan. So he started using dialect of Pushtoo with me. Turned out, I know can understand Pushtoo quite well, a lot of people got surprised, that I know what they are saying. And it’s very sweet.

        So it’s just concentration and nothing else. Smartness is to figure out what words are playing up.

        Yes hardest part is living without family and friend ties, but the best part is living in KSA and near to Haramnain. It’s such a beautiful place, with so much to offer. Just needs to explore it and you will be surprised with the depth of it.

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      10. Hhhh, nice thoughts you share here ever, liked your lovely comment, even i do not understand languages, but i have the passion to concentrate on it, as i like the tone of some languages, while i was living in dubai i got mingled with different spoken languages. Dubai is multinational country, i lived with indian, russian, Pakistanis, and Spanish, altough, i dont understand their languages, but i love to hear what they are talking, i was asking them some words which i mostly liked in their languages, as a consequence, i got familiar of it a bit, but i can not speak, but i understand some. 😁, so when you said pushtoo, i got familiar of it, because in dubai there are a lot of afghanis live there. It was interesting time that i have spent it there!


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