Nothing will come toward you in a golden plate!

A creative person really needs to dig into deep of his mind and his heart, and come up with something that he really wants to. It is a part of growth, it is a part of creativity.

Nothing will come toward you in a golden plate.

We have to work hard, hard, hard!


4 thoughts on “Nothing will come toward you in a golden plate!

    1. Thanks for passing by! It is so beautiful thing, when you look back, and find something accomplished by good hands! It is really the best feeling in the world, that it made us feel the happiest people in the world as well.

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  1. It is never hard work when you enjoy every minute what you are doing. Writing at times flows and other times needs to be cultivated but the effort is pleasurable. There nothing greater than to reread something you have just completed and think , ” where did that come from”? Deep in side you know the answer.


    1. It is true, and that’s for those who enjoy the time while working exclusively. May be, we enjoy every minutes, but others no! They feel the bitterness and sourness when they need to achieve something, after they achieve it. The sense of happiness will appear on their faces! Thanks Mr. Mel to share your comment here, it is so fantastic points, and I agree with you as well!🙂


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