School and parents have an integral role to train children about recycling of waste items

Almost everyone agrees that we should be training children to recycle waste to save the Earth’s natural resources. Some believe that it is parents who should teach their children to recycle waste. Others argue that school is the best place to teach do this. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

We have two different perspectives who should train immature for recycling waste . On the one hand, people believe that children need to be taught by parents how to save the enviroment in part of natural resources. On the scond hand, others argue that immature should learn it while attending school. Actually, both sides have vital role for increasing children’s awareness with regards to natural resources.

To beging, children grow up on things that they have learnt during childhood, either by their parents or at schools. As a consequence, we tend to believe that children should learn these basic things in life about how to save the enviroment from destruction by reducing waste items. Teaching them how to segregate materials according each concept. For example, parents who care about how to have a clean environment, they should have a different container to each category, such as; one trash pin for empty glass bottles, and one for plastic containers, and other for metal items. In this process, their awareness about recycling waste will be increased, they can also watch them if they throw in the right area. In case, they did not pin it in the right place, they would inform to take it out and throw it again into the proper container. In addition, parents should enlighten them about the benefit of recycling of waste, and passive consequences which it may lead to climate change in the future , if we would not be aware about waste, informing them that it could be resued again by companies to make it again, so that it can be used by human in the future, as it will help avoid global warming. Knowing, parents should encourage their children not buy unnecessary items to alleviate from wastage.

While school has an essential part in turning children to the right direction. As It should have courses included to its curriculum about the nature, and how to protect it from devestating. It can add clear pictures to the course about recycling of waste. Furthermore, it should increase awareness of children and teaching them about how unnecssary items could affect earth’s nature. However, education has power in affecting on children’s mind to have positive thoughts toward earth, and what kind of methods or strategies can be taken to avoid climate change in the future.

In brief, schools and parents should have perfect tactics to children guidance, and the benefits of recycling waste.


16 thoughts on “School and parents have an integral role to train children about recycling of waste items

    1. I did watch it lately , they really teach children about recycling, as I have seen via national geographic channel, I was so impressed while I was watching it. You alright, Japanese is the best example . Once again, thanks for the time of reading my blog, means a lot , Colors of my life!

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  1. Everyone needs to help educate children about being environmentally conscious. There are plenty of adults who could use a bit of that education, too. I am so disheartened to see that our new president is taking us away from those ideals. Thank you for such an insightful post.

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    1. Thanks for taking the time of reading my blog. Actually, these points are basic in our life. They should be aware of it. Unfortunately, people don’t have priority for this issue, but they believe that it is not important case, so they make it secondary. As for me, there should be intensive programs to be taught at schools to increase awareness of our children.

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  2. I think recycling should be a part of the lifestyle at home. Parents lead by example. The school’s role is secondary – my opinion as both a parent and a one-time teacher! A good essay, Hussein. A timely topic. Nicely done! 🙂

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    1. You right also with regards to your point, because children spend most of the time with parents at home. If we took as advantage, it would help them a lot, thanks Selina to have comment here, I appreciated so much. 👍


  3. I used to be an English teacher, so I know the struggles of this topic. Everyone should talk about recycling/ saving the planet. Parents should teach their children everything they can. If they don’t, why are they parents? I strongly believe, and used to tell my students, that not everyone should be parents. If you don’t want kids, don’t have them. If you have kids, take care of them and teach them. One of our problems is people who shouldn’t be parents are reproducing and then not caring about their kids, leaving them broken mentally and emotionally. As blunt as this sounds, I believe it’s true. Recycling SHOULD b a class in school – of course! Just like meditating should be a class, and gardening, and yoga. But the VALUES are taught by the parents. I have too much to say on this topic. lol But anyway thank you for posting this. They both should be integral parts – you’re absolutely right!!

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