Getting married before finishing school or getting a job will be a bad choice!!!

It is argued that getting married before finishing school or getting a job is not a good choice. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is discussed that getting married before ending school education or having a job is not a good choice. Therefore, I will discuss in details why it is not a good option to get married before before being ready to marriage as following;

First of all, there is a great link between education and obtaining a job. It is necessary to youngers to finish their education before going a step ahead. Nowadays, a certain jobs of  labour market requires education certificate as proof for getting employed, however, youngers with no certificate will encounter some difficulties in finding the job, hence it will be limited chances open for them. In addition, finishing study will support them to be adapted according to life condition, as they may learn through it the meaning of true life. So no need to be in hurry to marry, as a consequence, they might be a lot of liablites over your shoulders.

Furthetmore, you can not marry, if you are not fully adapted to further situations. A successful marriage requires a little time to plans after your graduation, and getting a good job in the labour market, which it may help to cover your expenditures after marriage. To illustrate, there are a lot of reports show in middle East that people who have not finished their education become jobless, although they got married, they found a different of complicated issues and obstacles which it led to divorce consequently.

On the contrary, people who completed their education, they found their future open for them. As a result, they have gotten a successful relationship, as they arrange everything in advance.

In brief, getting married before finishing studying will affect on you negatively in the coming days. Therefore, it will no be a good idea to marry before finishing your study and getting a job. As you have to be completely adapted for next situations.


9 thoughts on “Getting married before finishing school or getting a job will be a bad choice!!!

  1. You have a good article and I can agree with you on this principle, but you would be speaking only of part of the population, the middle class or well-to-do, because they have many more options. The poor often have no options, as in, no money for further education, and/or no motivation. If your parents are poor and live for a party or good time, you learn to live to party. Your whole focus on life isn’t school.

    Also, in our country at least, there are a large number of people who come from broken homes. Living at home until you finish school means that you must have a home to live at. With so many divorces, so many single moms raising children, dating other men besides, and often the father dating or remarried, there’s hardly a place where the children and teens feel secure. Often teens get married because they are running away from these settings, hoping to find security in a home of their own. Sometimes they are running away from abusive step-parents, hoping to find something better with a partner of their own.

    We in North America live in a society that teaches, both by word and example, that if you can’t get along you can walk away. So why not get married, they say? If it doesn’t work, you walk. No problem. With this mindset, it’s hard for young people to understand that marriage means responsibility, financial commitments, and it takes an effort to stay together. They set up for “playing house” — until it falls apart. And by that time they are in the cycle you are writing about.

    Wherever you live, your society might be completely different and none of this will apply. But I thought I’d leave a few thoughts here anyway.

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    1. Thanks for your comment here, i really respect your thoughts and ideas, it is really valuable, knowing, your point of view is correct inevitably. A million thanks for reading my blog, means a lot, Chritine!😊

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  2. June so rocks. 🙂 Even though she’s so frilly and girly compared to Leah, she’s still a very headstrong character. I think it’s really cool when stgern-willod women are comfortable with their femininity and aren’t afraid to like traditionally girly things like ruffles, pink/purple, and nail polish. 🙂 She also gets to wear all the cool and extravagant clothes in the series. >_<


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