Wealthy nations should share their wealth to poorer countries 

Should wealthy nations be required to share their wealth among poorer nations by providing such things as food and education. Or is it the responsibility of the governments of the poorer nations to look after their citizens themselves?! 

Rich countries should provide assistance to poorer nations by supplying things like food and education. Or governments should be responsible about its habitants. 

Actually both sides have intergral role in developing poorer conutries. So wealthy nations should cooperate with poorer countries in putting some solutions and rescources to prevent things which it may lead to poverty. For example, richer countries instead of providing them basic needs all the time, which it will be consumed and run out later due to over consumption by human themselves, they can think about alternative resources which it may help them to improve their countries. For example, building companies in the country would be an advantage to support poorer country to eliminate from austerity which they encounter it constantly. In addition, wealthy countries may invest their money to bulid schools and universities, so people can work in it and get monthly pay salary, which it may survive them from the pain of poverty. As a result, both parties can obtain mutual benifits. 

However, developved nations have high technology equipment and devices, which it can be shipped to undeveloped countries, so that they can rely on buidling their conuntry and working in improving it. For example, for education, they can supply them different kind of computers. Also, labs’s materials can be provided for them. In addition, they may send construction’s equipment, so that they can build companies and schools for education purpose. As a consequence, teachers will be employed and other professional may find a job to work in a company which it might suit their qualifications to bring money. 

In other way, undeveloped nations will be more productive, as they will have mutiple opportunities such as; exporting local brands to developed countries and getting money as an alternative. 

In brief, wealthy nations should give a hand to poorer conutries in cooperation with the government to eradicate poverty. In addition, strategies and plans can be set precisely to avoid poverty in a country. 


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