Man-made Zoos should not be exist in the 21st century 

Some people think that man-made Zoos should not exist in the 21st century. Do you agree or disagree?

There are enormous number of people think that Zoos shoule be removed in 21st century. I disagree with this statement. I will explain in details as following why it shoud be there these kind of Zoos.

First of all, Zoos are the best plac that people go there. In addition, it’s the place where people may go to refresh their mind and relieve soul. Furthermore, there are a lot of animal lovers like watching a real one to recognize it. Nowaday, we believe that families could take their children to Zoos for having fun while watching it in the real face, so that children could get known with species of animal.

However, we tend to believe that there are numeric channels in the modern age, it could be watched by TV, as it shows how animals live and cope in the ecosystem naturally. For example, there is national geogrphic channel, it represents all kind of animals about how they live all over the world. Although media covers these things, but it still a little bit different from watching in the real world. Also, it can be scanned view internet channels such as; UTube web, it has multi channels which it shows different types of animals. However, it will be more interested if it is being watched in the real face. Notably, we believe that there are some countries do not have real animals in their country, for this reason, it has been built Zoos for them, as it will be as a means for leisure time, where people can spend their free time in it. In addition, there will be advantages of being these Zoos available, therefore, people could take them out of isolation to public places to relax from the pressure of life, even they will have chance to know other new people and making a goid relationship. 

In brief, although technologies have covered species of animals to be watched online or TV, but it still different from watching it on the real face. In addition, viewing it via this technology will be boring on daily basis. 


7 thoughts on “Man-made Zoos should not be exist in the 21st century 

  1. Zoos are wonderful places where people can not only relax but it gives these animals are chance to come off endangered species list as some zoos attempt to save them and encourage re-population .


  2. Hallo meine liebe Joanna,ich muss einfach mein Glück versuchen … was für ein Trchateilmuen. Bei Westwing bin ich schon soooooooooooo lange Kunde, die Verlosung noch schnell verlinken, Dein Urlaubs-Chaos aufräumen und feddisch.Ich drücke Dich, LG Heike


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