Many people spend their money on personal staff , so we have to be wise when spending it

Many people spend a lot of money on clothes, haircuts, and beauty products to enhance their appearance. Some people think that it is a good way to spend money, while others think that there is a better way to spend it. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Recently, there are enormous number of people have large expenditures on fashionable things, so they buy a lot of personal stuff such, skin care, hair care, and body care items. Hence, they believe that this is the only way to take of their appearnance. In contrast, other people believe that there is a better way to spend their money on. Therefore, i will explain in details the two sides as following;

On the first hand,  those people who believe that spending money on personal items, they see that it is the best way to spend their money on. In my opinion, it is not bad that much bad if you care about your appearance to keep looking good. I beileve that it is very important to have such a brilliant personality, but you need to make sure to be in the average level, so buying lots of personal items which you do not need to use, it will be useless, as a consequence, it will be a kind of wasting money. Notably, sometimes, we find body care products, it affects on our skins which it may cause an allergy disease. So when buy it, we do not pay attention to side effects, which it will happen to us. Undoubtedly, overusing these staff will affect on our heath, so it will not only be the matter of spending money, but it will go beyond that, as it may destroy our skin. For example, Hair care products, like Gel, there are a lot  of people have been affected while using this material, which it contains on chemical ingredients, it may help to increase the infection of head’s fur, as it may consolidate to hear fallen, whereas there are thousands of people who got bold due to using these chemical hair care products. 

On the second, there are a lot of people who are wise in spending their money, they save money as much as they can for the future, they see buying leisure items for personsl care use is rediculous. To be more specific, they have priorities for spending, so they know where they spend their money and what to buy. For example, there is a lot people would like to spend money on useful things, so they preserve money to be spent on education, and other households staff, or any other important things. 

In brief, being wise in spending money is the best method to follow in your life. In addition, we have to have a full control of our money, or else, it will be counted as waste, so we have to organize everything according to its priorities. 


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