Attention !Each moment could be new life

Do not be sad or depressed, if you are alone, remember, that you are not only one alone in the world, there are a lot. If you get sick in a certain disease which it is so tough, and it is not easy to be cured. Remember that you are not the only one who has this in the world. 

Be happy as much as you can, being sad all the time will not change anything in life, life will go on. Our life will not stop in the death of someone close. So put on mind” each moment could be new life” pause…. And take a deep breath and start a new life. 

Everyday, we say goodbyes, and everyday, we say welcomes. Do not be panic. it’s human’s nature. We will always ecounter these types. So with short span of time, it will become normal to you, until you will be addicted in it. You will realize that gradually. 


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