Children are being exploited for beggary.!

Children are being exploited all over the world, for beggary, found in harmful factories and in unhealthy situations.

Recently, immatures are being used for different advantages by their parents either for beggary or working in companies as they were found in a miserable conditions. So I will explain in details how children are being exploited by parents.

To begin, there are a lot of children were found working in illegal age in companies, as they were forced to work in difficult jobs for the purpose of gaining money to their parents. Unfortunately, most of the children who were found in these cases, their fathers addicted on drinking alcohol, cocaine, and other type of drugs. So immatures are being treated brutally in different situation. To illustrate, in Egypt was found enormous number of children working in illegal age, as they were deprived from going to school by their fathers to bring money for them in the purpose of buying alcohol items. Furthermore, the ministry of labour has registered hundreds of children work in mechanic workshop for fixing cars, as they carry heavy equipment which it will affect on their bones in the future. So children who are being caught reported that “they live in harsh situations in their home”, they are unable to continue their life normally like the other kids, as they have a dream to go back to continue their education at schools. In addition children who were oppressed by their fathers, they found that they suffer from critical health conditions. 

However, father’s children who were found in these situations are practising passive habits, as they were not aware of anything, their concentration that children must only bring money for them. They do not care of their children health. Sadly, individuals were reported that they sleep in the street. “Whereas their cover is the sky and their mat is the ground”. How sad is that. Life becomes brutal where there is no a kind of pity and mercy. 

In brief, community should be aware about the consequences of this phenomenon, in addition, it could be decreased by putting a strict rules which it comes from government. 


9 thoughts on “Children are being exploited for beggary.!

  1. That is so sad! I hope that more people will recognize this tragedy and work to do something about it. It’s good for people to know what hardships others face around the world and even in their own countries. So often people live with blinders on.

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  2. Hussein, thank you for this writing this story. This is a practice that needs to be addressed. It is only through awareness that that will happen. Thanks for making people aware.

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    1. I really appreciated your comment here, means a lot. Indeed this essay is just to increase people’s awareness about what they do, there are a lot of children passing in crucial situations in the real world , as it should be there a solution to stop people from doing these bad deeds. Thanks to have your comment in this blog, Mr. Mel!


    1. Thank you so much, and thanks to comment here. It really touches the heart in all words, children are homeless whereas they sleep in the street. Some of them are being snatched, and their organs are being sold in the market in turn to take lots of money while they sell it! Life is tough. Once again, thank you, eliza ๐Ÿ˜Š

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