Nowadays many people are diagnosed with anorexia. What are the causes of this? What can be done to improve the situation?

Nowadays, there are enormous number of people are exposed to anorexia. Here I will explain in details what are the causes and providing some suggestions to reduce from it as following,
So there are number of people are diagnosed with anorexia disease. Reasons could result from aspects. Firstly, cigarette’s smokers suffer from this effect. When they smoke more, their inclination to food become less, as a result, they will become slimmer due to having cigarettes, so it could be a reason increase from the percentage of acidity in the stomach, which it will lead to anorexia. Secondly, having caffeine drinks on empty stomach will affect unfoubtedly. Lastly, eating oily foods will also present another problem to stomach as well. For example, there is doctor specialised in internal medicine said that ” most of people who are diagnosed with anorexia effect, they smoke too much, in consequence, it will lead to block their inclination to food due to acidity increased in the stomach.”
Furthermore, this phenomenon is not a permanent issue, as it could be treated by taking some medicine, as it can be prescribed by doctors to patients and following a few structures to eradicate it easily. So patients should pursue the given prescription which it was given by the concerned doctor, in this case, patients will be able to reduce from anorexia. Another solution could be suggested, eating vegetables and fruits could decrease from anorexia, it can turn the stomach to work into normal condition.
In brief, individuals who suffer from anorexia must control themselves by avoiding bad habits. Anorexia is very dangerous phenomenon, as it will be a reason for losing weight, in turn i will weaken the system immune in the human’s body. Consequently, numeric diseases may encounter them. 

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