Spontaneous mistake 

Do not always create excuses to yourself, whereas a successful man who learned from mistakes of others. Why you need to wait until you fell in a deep hole, and you will not find anyone can give a hand to help you out of it. So before you go to to make a mistake, THINK in advance about the cosequences that it may come over your head. Unfortunately, there are some people recognize their mistake late, so they fall in a lot of problems. However, you have to know that there are two kind of mistakes, on the one hand, people who commit a fault spontaneously. And on the second, people who commit mistakes deliberately. For the first part , they are possible to learn from their faults, and they will try to avoid it in the future. While the other part could be counted ignorance, they do not know where is the right direction. As a result, they will fall in a lot of troubles, which it may lead to destruction of one’s life.


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