Pressure of life 

Sometimes, you meet people for the first time , and you got strange feelings for being comfortable when you talk to them. They share what they have deep inside of themselves. As they share you , and you share them! Thus, You can feel what kind of pain they hide, but they do not really want to tell you about it. At the end, you can read their eyes how much they suffer from the pressure of life. And here your role become to support and listen to them openly so that you may reduce from their depression and sadness as well. So when you get the same feeling, they will be standing right there to support you to take it away. 


One thought on “Pressure of life 

  1. Doamne, ajuta, părinte ÅŸi vă mulÅ£umesc de vizită.Eu trag nădejde că sunt oameni în zilele noastre care mai citesc ÅŸi astfel de mărturii. Oamenii care cauta sa ÅŸtie ce au mai făcut &#3e&'duduil9;#39;', si însăşi duduile cu ale lor, s-or mai plicitisi de ce au ales până acum ÅŸi când vor dori să mai afle ÅŸi altceva, să schimbe ceva în viaÅ£a lor, vor găsi 🙂 Să avem nădejde


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