Anxiety in modern societies 

Stress is now a major problem in many countries around the world.What are some of the factors in modern society that cause this stress, and how can we reduce it?

Anxiety is currently a principal problem in many countries. Therefore, there are some of the aspects in the modern society which it led to create this phenomenon around the world. So i would present here the causes as well as following other methods to decrease it. 

To beging, Stress is a complicated issue around the world, it can not be diminished easily. Whereas, each part of the world would be stress, it is due to the pressure of life demands. Hence, There are a number of people are getting invovled by stress. For example, human could get stress from the enviroment, and the way that they live. One of the examples is pollution, there are a certain of individuals can not have the ability to resist polluted air which it might be produced either by cars or companies. For this reason, anxiety will be developed between people. In addition, there would be the source of noisy’s accompanied by cars, as a result, it could lead to sleeplesness in the late hours of night. 

In reference to the point above, there are also another effect for creating worries such as; congested roads during the rush hour in the morning, which it happened in Australia, China, Japan, and Dubai. Those people could count congestion is like a phobia which it will increase from the amount of stress undoubtedly. So they stuck in traffic for many hours in the day, as they reach their workplcae late, therefore, it may result a kind of struggles between employees and boss. 

However, it might be reduced by recolating stressed people to live in villages, it can be a good choice for tranquility seekers. In turn, to find a solution to reduce stress and worries, which they encounter on daily basis. 

In brief, anxiety in modern societies can not be eliminated easily, as it is a complicated issue, it helped building a psychological conditions in human’s nature. Other technologies’ facilities are being expanded. Otherwise, it will be faced constantly. 


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