Violent games 

Children today play very violent games. This must be the reason for the increase in violence and crime in most major cities of the world.

What are your opinions on this?

Nowadays, there are a growing number of immature have been influenced by playing harsh games which it may lead to crimes finally. Notably, it can happen in most cities of the world. 

To beging, there are a growing number of immature have been addicted by playing games which it is related crimes and violence either on computer or other means like playstations, and nintendo. So tough and rough games, it might move children from imagination to perform it in the real world. It is undeniable, that it will affect on children’s behaviours in the future. In that light, they will possibly bulid wrong concepts in their mind. 

On the one hand, there are a lot of harsh games can be played online which they can access to  connect with other people to play around the world. For example Trigger Down, and Devil’s Ride and so on. When individuals play these kind of games, it will be a reason to affect on children mentally undoubtedly. Hence, they will start to apply that on the real phase. Wheras, there are a number of children have commited when they grew up. To be more specific, for example, in Australia, there is one child his name is philip , who took his father’s gun secretly, and wrapped it in his school bag. And at school time, he commited a crime by killing his classmate at school. 

On the other hand, individuals are being influenced when they play these games. As it is easy to gamers to be affeced psychologically. Furthermore, there is a medical report posted in psychology care community journal in Sweden shows that they received multiple of complicated conditions in immatures’ mind, as it was really hard to turn them into the right way. However, they succeed in solving many cases professionally. 

To sum up, it is inevitabe to say that growing crime scenes among children were connected with these games. Noting, bloody games’ sketches will affect on gamers. For this reason, child’s emotion may be destroyed while watching it. Furtheremore, parent’s surveillance play an integral role in guiding their children what to play, in turn to decrease from this phenomenon. Therefore, limited access to tough computer’s games or internet will eradicate from this issue. 


6 thoughts on “Violent games 

    1. Thanks to comment on my blog here. We hope to find a solution to put an end for this phenomenon, or else our children behaviors will be shifted from good to bad, and from bad to worse though. Thanks to view my blog, true12imam!

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  1. On one hand a person could argue that children have always played violent games—cops and robbers, etc — but on the other, the graphics that come along with today’s games are so horrible and brutal. It’s gone far beyond the “Bang! Fall down you’re dead,” play of my childhood.

    Perhaps watching violence won’t lead most children to a life of violence, but on the other hand they desensitize children — and finally our adult society — to violence. As TV has already done. Another thing is that they behave like a drug in the brain, releasing adrenaline, giving a thrill. Finally, can people become addicted to the thrill? Can they without it in an ordered ordinary world. Or will they act out violence to get that same high?

    So I’m with you on this one. I can’t help but believe this type of graphic violence has and will affect children’s minds and produce a less compassionate society, desensitized to the awfulness of violent crime.

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