Fresh graduaters are without work 

World becomes up and down! How come companies can request an experience from fresh graduate. Totally, This is not fair. Fresh graduaters knock the doors of companies for the purpose to get hired. But unfortunately, they get refused, because they do not have an experience from such field. 

Most of the graduaters are jobless. This issue is a big deal, and it needs to be taken into consideration. So Youngsters are spending a number of years to get a certificate from universities. However, they face an issue that companies, they will not hire them. As a result, they become depressed due to hardness for finding a job.

HR recruitment should help them to sort this problem out. For example, no matters, if they start with low monthly pay salary, as it is much better than keeping them out of work. In this case, they can be an asset in the company in the future. Whereas,they will be able to develop their skills as well as their salaries package would be increased gradually undoudtedly. 

In addition, Government should make a deal between companies to make employment exhibition yearly for fresh graduaters to decrease from unemployment percentage of fresh graduaters particularly.  

Nowadays, graudaters are worries in how to build their future after graduation, as they get frightened from the coming days. For the mentioned solution above. It is a good strategy to be followed to avoid this matter from developing into worse! 


6 thoughts on “Fresh graduaters are without work 

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