Complaining is not a useful habit 

Why you always complain?! 

Once, you are complaining from things happening around you, you had a bad feelings and thoughts towards a certain thing. You do not need to complain about it, or even, it is not necessary to think about it at all. If you think much deeply over it, you will get more complicated, and tired of it. 

Furthermore, when you complain to people, it will become useless, because they will only listen to you. So they will show sympathy only, but actually, they can not do anything to you. Now, isn’t it usless to do this?! They will tell you “ooooh man, we are sorry to hear that”. But we believe, that there are very few numbers of people will give a hand of cooperation, however complaining is not a good way to help you, you can not depend on people . so you should stop it as soon as possible, as you have to put a limit for this by saying ” no , i will not complain anymore” 

Finally, complaining will let you to go one step back instead of going ahead, so never think, it will take you to one step ahead. So, wake up and do the needful against whatever you need in life. So ambitious people never stop in one destination, they resist on progressing until final breath of their life. 

Complaining is not a good a habit, you have take it off. 


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