Do not steal someone’s life! 

Everyday, we hear a different story from all parts of the world. There are many people are getting stabbed or shot, after that they died due to these reasons like race issues,  color of skin and religion. What are the advantages could be behind this! Why they are killing innocent people. Why did children ge stabbed while they are going to schools, or work. What did children do for them to be stabbed. Life is so tough! 

However, you are not allowed to end one’s life. It  is extremely prohibited. As you must think thousands times before you do this. 

Finally, what are the benefits that you will get after you did! At the end you lose everything in life, family if there is. As a result, you will be imprisoned until you become rotten. And now, are you happy with this?! 

Do not steal someone’s life, by commiting like these rotten behaviours. You are not allowed at all. 

Welcome to peaceful world! 


13 thoughts on “Do not steal someone’s life! 

    1. I appreciated your comment here! Is there any negative words ?! You can describe these savages actions. If no more rotten behaviours, why should this issue happen constantly!


    2. Kenapa kerajaan Malaysia takut sangat nak laksanakan salah satu Hukuman di dalam Islam ini. Ia perintah Allah swt. Tahniah kpd kerajaan Brunei krn tiada beldirak-dalok mengenai hal ini.MEKAR recently posted..


  1. ChaJrlle-Geésignac…pe ne vais tout de même pas écrire mes mémoires sur le blog d’Assouline. Il ne le tolèrerait pas!Cette fois j’y vais.A bientôt.(Il est bien tard).

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