Studying abroad

More and more students are going to another country for higher education. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

In recent years, we have noticed that there are a number of students prefer to studying abroad to studying in their home country. As they need continue their higher education in such foreign universities. But we believe that there will be adavantages and disadvantages while taking decision to continue education outside of the country. So i will illustrate the details as following. 

Nowadays , there are a growing number of youngsters choose to study abroad for getting, as they are supported by their parents financially. So they stay there for about four years, it depends on bachelor degree level.  Hence, those adults go through this method, as they believe that, there may be more opportunites while they come back to home country. For example, in Dubai, there were enormous number of people get hired who had western degree with excellent salary package and other incentive included to one’s package. For this reason, they found that there are more adavantages if they had studied abroad. While companies can also have advantage for employing, students who had studied abroad, they think, that they had more experience compared to people who had local ceritifate. Undeniable, that students who studied outside of the country, that they have been developed well in education sides. 

On the contrary, people who had studied abroad, they might create problems in employment process among adults. For example, those who had graduated from local univeristies, they usually encounter low income of monthly pay. As they have few opportunities for getting hired. Consequently, the number of unemployment people would increase daramatically. As they may intend to leave their home country to search for job. Because they feel like, they have been neglected in their country. As a result, one’s country will lose numeric skilful workers. Particularly, those who are experienced and well educated. For example, in Sudan, there are a number of human immigrate to gulf countries to look for job, due to limitation of job vacancies in their home country. In consequences, they can not wait to stay without work, as they need to have a source, so that they can rely on it. In addition, they have many liabilities like families and children at their back waiting for a source to live their life naturally. 

In brief, in spite of studying abroad will be there more benefits, but it will present obstacles in employment and immigration factor would be increased. 


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