The antisocial

Well done, it is truely amazing !


As i sit down to write this first entry, the word that established a firm grip on my mind was this,Anti-social.

I had an unplanned brunch with friends i’d tag as close and one reminded me of how secluded i’d become.That i was no longer outgoing and full of energy around people i’d just met- that i had changed.I’d heard this from more than a fair share of people i’d come across, and i wonder….is this really who i am seen as now?The anti-social?

So here i am trying to make sense of this word as it is placed before me-as a partial link to my profile name and as a tag.I’ve long thought about how comforting that word sounds to me more than what it may imply through others and perhaps thats what i’m trying to make sense of in this post.

The word feels safe and close.For me,It…

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