The internet has transformed the way information is shared

The internet has transformed the way information is shared and consumed, but it has also created problems that did not exist before.What are the most serious problems associated with the internet and what solutions can you suggest?
The internet has changed the method of information is publicized and used. However, it has produced negative effects which it was not available in the past.
Nowadays, we live in a reveloution technology. Whereas internet has been expanded everywhere in the world. Although internet has been improved our life servic, it was alought brought to us a few problems. For example, in correspondence emails, we mostly receive alot of unwanted and wanted emails. Hence, our time will be wasted for taking a long duration to read all emails. In particular, if someone waits for an email which it is very important to him, he will be judged to read all emails to avoid missing one important message that dropped in one’s email box. Furthermore, there is another problem, it could affect on our children. While immatures use internet, they may receive porno graphics photos. As it does not suit their age. Noting, it will create so many problems between their families. Additionally, some people could encounter fraud by internet online shop. As a result, some customers would reveal their secret number’s credit card for buying their stuff. So frauds comes out from fake online webs, which it is insecured. Whereas, hackers data protection shows, that most of the banks has been got hacked by unknown people. As banks were led to loss and shut down. 
However, there are some solution migh be provided while using internet. Firstly, with regards to porno graphics, when parents use internet in home, they block immoral websites by changing internet setting networks. So that they can guarantee, that websites which children are surfing it are clean and safe alike. Secondly, protecting banks from geeting hacked, bankers should progam their system by downloading the proficeint system software. In addition, they can include such modernized code numbers, which it may help to save them from loss. Finally, online buyers should make double check in online website while doing their shopping. As they could reveal contact information from the page, and check it out before purchasing process. Moreover, online customers should learn about some codes, which it relates to web buying securely. To illustrate, at the top of the page, where you can find a sign that it shows this web which you chose, it is safe for buying. I suggest if someone needs to buy online, it is much better to go shop by yourself. Or, you can get a specific online credit card with certain amount for purchsing an item. For example, if you tend to purchase a stuff with 30 Dollars, you have to keep in your card with the same amount. So, do not use your card which you all your money in it. 
To sum up, internet is useful, but it could be harfmul as well. So make always a double check while you use your internet. 


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