Global warming

Global warming is one of the most serious issues that the world is facing today.What are the causes of global warming and what measures can governments and individuals take to tackle the issue?
Earlier, nature has been influenced by negative aspects, which it is caused by human. I will illusterate what are the causes of global warming and how it can be solved by government and habitants alike. 
On the one hand, Global warming has become a big issue in all parts of the world. Every country suffers from this catastrophic pehenomenon. So causes could happen accordingly. Firstly, non renewable resources users are responsible to create these effects. For example, human invented cars working on fuel, despite getting benefits from it, but it will be harmful by increasing the proportion of air polloutions. Secondly, people depend constantly on these non renewable resources will decrease fuel flow in the future. Whereas, these recources migh be vanished. Lastly, deforestation is a reason to increase global warming. When people overexploit in using it, it will dramatically affect on increasing it to the highest point. 
So, government has an integral part on putting a limit to tackle this issue. For example, it could include such courses into schools, and universities as well. In connection to this point, people will learn about the importance of keeping balance on earth for the purpose of avoiding global warming on the coming years. As it could encourage citizens to use renewable resources to diminish polloution on earth. As a result, it can increase taxes on cars which it functionts on fossil fuel, and decreasing levies on electric cars ” hybrids”, so people will have the encouragment to purchase these kinds of cars. While people who work on cutting trees must undergo to punishment by increasing taxes levels on them. In this case, they will try to take it off this habit. Hence, they will slowly convert to renewable resources. 
In breif, educating people about harms of global warming will support to diminsh from using non renewable sources. Furthermore, increasing levies on cars which it works on fuel. It will convert human to use hybrids as alternative. 


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