Earth is harmed by human activity 

“Some people believe that the Earth is being harmed (damaged) by human activity. Others feel that human activity makes the Earth a better place to live. What is your opinion? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.”

There are many people say that earth has been impacted negatively by people themselves. And others claim, it was improved by human who live on it. So here, i will exlain in details about the two perspectives. 

First of all, there are enormous number of people have misused recources of earth. In addition, they parcticd passive actions on lands.  For examlpe, human are used to go through deforestation. As they cut trees for mutilple purposes. However, there is group of go green community has presented reports as an evidence that air pollution was brought by human’s actions. Whereas, people invented cars work on fossil fuel. Moreover, cars would produce carbon dioxide which it comes out from exhausts. Although people have problems with air breathness, they still use consistantly. There are so many immatures were dead due to this effect.  As their bodies are weak, they are unbale to resist diseases, which it is caused by cars’ emission. 

On the contrary, there are huge number of people working on improving ecosystem on earth. For example, go green community people, they create system to conserve nature from being polluted. As they persist to keep people aware of passive actions, which it to destroy life on earth. In addtition, they have created programs to increase awareness while using earth’s resources. Besides, they try to educate people about using renewable resources as an alternative features. So they can play important role to encourage human on using it. As they can enlighten them about going throug renewable resources instead of fossil fuel to function cars. As a results the percentage of immature’s death will be decreased dramatically. Ailments might be vansihed slowly. Furthermore, deforestation will be slightly taken off. Animals will be protected also from extinction, as we know animal can be extincted due to deforestation which animal depend on. 

To conclude, people can use renewable resources to save life from being destroyed by human inactivities towards earth. So non renewable recources are not the only rescorces that human can depend on. 


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