Crimes were commited by children 

Children who commit crime and are less than 18 years should go for education rather than punishment. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Immatures who make crimes should go for education instead of going to jail and got punished. I actually disagree with this point. For this reason, i will explain in details why. 

In recent years, we daily hear that children are commiting crimes. As it is just for a rediculous reason. Someone killed one’s father, because his father did not buy for him a playstation game. Hence, this child think to kill his father due to his rejection of buying him such a game. In addition, if this child was released, and was sent to education structure, he would find it easy to kill someone else. Therefore, we sometimes believe that education does not work. It will lead to create another problems. So, they must get punished due to their passive actions. And they should be exposed to justice. Furthermore, immatures will find it serious. As, they might comprehend that they responsible about their own incidents. 

Besides, in case of sending to jail, they will feel blamed about it. So, they will beging to do corretion against their bad deeds. While they are in the prison, they may take education and guiding them through the right way. In that light, they can find a room for growth healthily. So that, they can take from darkness into light. 

Moreover, correction court plays has important impact on those immature. So, it can increase awareness on them. Although, disciplinary action is helpful, but it should judge to be prisoned permenantly in jails. As a result, it will affect on their future. 

To sum up, they have to be responsible about their bad deeds, so that they can take it seriously. Or else, this pehomenon will constantly in increase. 


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