Wild animals and protection 

Many People think that too much attention and resources are given to protection of wild animals and birds.
Do you agree or disagree?!
There are a great deal of people think that the most concentarion and different recources are provided to save wild and animals and birds. Therefore, I disagree with with this statement. So, I will mention here the details. 
First of all, we can not ignore that wild animals are important of our life. However, protecting from animal and birds extinction is our responsibility. As we should not say that all the focus are valid to support nature recources only. So, government is working to make a balance in all areas of its country. For example, it works to conserve ecosystem from being destroyed. In addition, it saves our life from others passive objects like fossil fuel emmsion, as it pushes the public to use alternative choices to save human’s life. It means, that there is no doubts, that government cares about other matters. 
Furthermore, people must not think in that way, which it is not logical at all. If people think about this method, so who will care about other activities. Education is aslo supported by the government. It has worked to improve its education system by offering the best ways to enure quality of life. Hence, so many people seek to a better education for their children. Knwong, it looks for developing public services, as well as saving from being vandalised. Whereas, it keeps paying attention to be in a good image, so every single person in the country can take a proper service. In addition, they could have benefits from it. 
To sum up, paying too much attention and recources to protection are not bad at all. In this reason. As wild animals are the one which we rely on. There are a growing number of animals get extincted because of human misuse towards it. 


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