Life in cities is better than life in villages

Some people believe that cities are not the right place for the growth of the children rather they should live in villages.
Do you agree or disagree?

Living in cities are totally different than living in villages. We believe that people who live in villages have alternative concepts towards life. As their most concenteration only on farms and animals. As there are not enough engaged with life’s progress outside. While citizens who continue their life in the city. We find them following the technology in all matters. As they are open. And they are well educated. Therefore, i disagree with statement. 

So, Human who spend their life in cities, they have more opprtunities to live openly. In adition, familes can not find difficulties to choose for right school to make their children study in it. For example, schools in cities are available everywhere. By this way, children have choices to continue one’s education wherever they want. To be more specific, schools function high techniques in teaching to ensure children can obtain proper education.  So that, they may grow professionally. Furthermore, in cities, there are a lot of hospitals exist in it. Where people will be able to get their treatment. As it is very easy to have a hospital near them. Therefore, there are several jobs vacancies there. 

On the contrary, villages do not have that many hosiptals, clinics, and schools to take care of their health and education as well. For example, villagers have limited jobs in the village. They could find it so complicated in finding such facilities to make their life easily. Notable, that they suffer from these restrictions of this issue. Therefore, families have more chances to remain their children’s future in safe

To sum up, people in cities have enormous of opportuinties to get proper education and treatment as well. 


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