Damaged Items

These days many of us prefer to throw damaged things away, whereas in the past people used to repair damaged items and keep them for a long time.
 Explain why you think this change has happened.
 What are the effects of this change in attitude?
Recently, there are enormous of human like throwing old materials away instead of fixing it, and using it again. This technique can help them to save money. According to the development process in the world, people prefer to buy new material which it might support them and making their life easily. The use of high technology machines or particles, it will be as a facility to comfort themselves ultimately. 

However, repairing the damaged machines, it is inevitable, that it will damage again. As a result, it may make their so complicated, and they get nervous while functioning the old one. So different of views in life have been developed in mutiple areas. Although, people in the past have no choice to purchase new machines due to no further technology development and lower income alike. For example, wooden saw is being used for cutting wood. in case of damage, human prefer to shapen and functioning it again. In addition, it will not be more effiecient as before. Besides, it may take to make the job done in short time. As it will need more effort to put on for achieving the target.

On the contrary, due to the development of technology, people go through buying the best items to relieve themselves. As we mentioned before, the manual wooden saw, if this machine has been destroyed and it became too old. Consequently, people would have bought the latest technology item of this version. So they will undoubtedly purchase the electric machine, so that they will achive their work faster and comfortable. For example, there is well establishe company produce the highest technology edition of these machines and its named Cat. It inroduce good materials for human use. As it seeks to reach customers satisfatcion while functioning it. Furthermore, it offers a kind of maintenance of its equipment in case of being machine damaged. 

To sum up, the past is totally different from the present. People go through whatever they like. And purchasing the best items of such well reputed company.


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