Road Safety

Some people believe that the best way to increase road safety is to increase the minimum legal age for driving cars.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?
There are a enurmous number of people think that driving safty begins from legal age point for thos people who completed 18 years old or above. I completely disagree with them, because driving can be counted as a talent. In addition, there are certain conditions that driving license might be granted for some people who did not turn the legal age due to disabilities of ones father or mother in case if the family have one child in the age of 17 years. furthermore, he/she must apply for driving permssion. 

However, we can not deny that driving is talent and ethics alike. It does not mean the legal age will not commit accidents. Although, if someone is familiar with roads’ signs and rules structure, undoubtedly will not cause mess in driving road procedure. For example, Jack who is student at unviverstiy of Stanford, he is a member of family that does not have brothers and sisters except him. His father had physical disabilities which he can not drive at all, notable his mother’s age is over 87 years with impaired vision. He relocatesthem wherever they want. So he is smart enough and cautious person while driving, whereas no accidents have been registered in his case so far. Maintaining road safety depends on people and how they drive. 
Knowing, being famialarized with road knowledge will invevitably avoid any accidents which it may happen. Furhtermore, more practice of driving will consolidate ones self confidence.

To sum up, driving is talent and ethics, and your presence of mind. consequently, driving will help you to prevent accidents from happening. 


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