Mobile Phones

The increased use of text messaging using mobile phones is largely to blame for the falling standards in written English, particularly among young people, many of whom are unable to construct grammatically correct sentences.
To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?
Actually, the usage of mobile’s texts become so popular between matures, this merit is very impotant to be available in the phones. As it helps so many people by sending messages to whomever thy want from friends, notable that it is very fast and cheaper. However, there enormous number of youngs misuse the proper methods by sending the letters from phone to phone. Knowing that no one should be blamed for errors of grammar which it happens while sending the messages, therefore, i disagree that the increased use of written text in the cell phone is the one which need to be blamed but, matures who must be involved for not following the correct technique of writing such a text message. I will explain here the reasons.

Alhough, there are prportion of matures prefer to send a text with grammar faults. In addition, mobiles have been designed with the highest technologies terms, as well as there are a several of modernized icons have been added to the mobile. As a result, people who are like to send a message inproper way. For example Apple company has created iphone with latest programms, furthermore, all the updated charaters are available in the phone. If someone has disability for composing the forms of words and verbs, Simply you can go to setting and activate prediction text, hence it can be automatically justified properly. In that light, it depends on people in how to produce words into senteces and making it understable. Sometimes, the wrong of sent text messages could lead to a passive consequences of misunderstanding each other. 

To sum up, cellphones have been developed with the highest technology ever, so  it depends on the persons how they can send letters. 


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