Employers and inexperience employees

If you were an employer, which kind of worker would you prefer to hire: an inexperienced worker at a lower salary or an experienced worker at a higher salary? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

First of all, the decision will be in the hands of decision makers who work in the company. In other words, there are so many would like to hire staffs with little experience, as they tend to pay fewer salaries instead of high salary, so they think that they could save money from the budget of such company. While other companies prefer to employ in their companies such an experience employees, and they pay a good salary for the employees. So in that light, I will explain in details this issue. 

To begin, companies who have well planned strategies that can take in hiring process by fulflling their vacancies with qualified persons in sensitive position, so they will be able to handle any problems which they may encounter while doing their job. Experienced personnel will save the company from devastating as well as they can deal with different complicated problems and solving it easily. Consequently, this kind of employees shall offer a proper suggestion to improve the profits and develop the system alike. For example Microsoft Company, it must hire staff  with huge experience in technical and programming backgrounds. As they have to pay an ideal package of salary and offering a perfect enviroment atmosphere to motivate their employees for working hard. As a result, they will constantly make amendments in their system by upgrading it ahead. 
On the contrary, there are a large number of companies would decide to hire staff with lower package of salary to save their budgets matters. Hence, they want to have inexperience employees to work in their company. Although, this point is not helpful but it might be successful by providing full a training to their potential personnel for positions for which they hired. Assisting them by the guidance of well experience man for such a position. This view related to companies tactics. There is a good example Carrefour company is specialized about retail business. It has so many vacancies in the positions of shelf fillers. These tasks do not need to get a staff with experience for reflling the shelves, as they only need to increase the stock in the shelves once it is needed to avoid the out of stock cases. In addition, checking the near expiry , and expired item in the warehouse and the selling area too. Furthermore, they report it to the resposible persons for making decision against it. 
To sum up, hiring well experience and inexperience teams will help to decrease the prportion of unemployment and it will make a ballance in the community. Notable, employees with lower experience will increase gradually over a period of time, so they can be satisfied and being an asset in the companies. 


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