Technology and Traditional Cultures

It is inevitable that as technology advances, traditional cultures will be lost. It seems that we cannot have these two things together.To what extent do you agree or disagree?   
Technology age has a large impact in our life. So, there are a large number of people beileve that because of technology may lose their their customs due to the technology expansion, i totally agree with this point. 

However, computers has made our life easier, but it could be a reason for forgetting our conventions, for example internet will be an access to for users to distribute their cultures and traditions photos online, in particular the local dress local ( Fashion ) nowadays so many youngers have altered the way of wearing their clothes, as we know people’s minds have been changed in the modern times by following the development of technology sets. Furthermore there are a large amonut of people like other cultures techniques, as they like to imitate them precisely. 

Whereas, technology has a part of changing food types, there are a growing numbers of people have been affected by western dishes. For example, people in Jordan prefer eating several of exotic foods to eating traditions one. Some traditional food restaurants have been closed due to unaccepting people buying from them the traditional food. Undoubtedly, internet is a part of technology, and it is playing an important role in the community. So we can not deny that. Although, that there is a big effective on people by using tachnology, but they still conserve the respected customs and cultures.

To conclude, technology might be a reasong for changing people’s minds for accepting other countries cultures and tradition, as it will help them for forgetting their original tradition gradually. 



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