English Teacher 

First of all, i tend to believe that English Language was one of my obstacles in learning it at the beginning of life. As i thought, this problem will be forever, as well as i will never understand it at all. 

So, At school i found issue of why i get a low grades compared to my colleagues at the class. Each students know how to read English better than me, i was little bit jealous from them, i asked myself why they can read, and i can not read . Whereas students were participating in the room class to answer theexercises  at the end of each lesson. I was trying to comprehend, but i could not. 

Each part of body started shaking, as a result, i have set a goal to overcome with that problem and kept the competion available inside me. Then i began to work hard. Furthermore, after i usually finish classes from school everday in the afternoon, i go back home, i review what i have taken in the English class, i put marks on the ambiguous words which i do not know how to read it, and i ask my younger brother how to read it- after he spell it for me, i write it in our languague letters with same spelling, i keep a record for memorising it from time to time, i daily use the same methods, until my started developing, and more words has become familiar to me. In addition, that jumped from low steps to intermediate level, it is effective way to use this technique by converting letter of such a words in English into your mother language letters with the same pronunciation, as it will be helpful, if you get the proper pronunciation from your mother tongue language, and then you will be able go produce correctly. 

Hence, i got familiar with words of English and how to read it, i begin to learn what such words means into my origin language for the purpose of understanging either what i read or what i listen from English speaker, knowing that i love English language more than any other languague , after i started to comprehend it. 

To sum up, it is undeniable that if you set a goal, undoubtely you will achieve whatever you want in the future. Nowadays, English has expanded in the whole world, and it is the language of technology. 


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